Please note that campLEADer will not be taking place at CrossPoint this June

What is campLEADer?

campLEADer Logistics

campLEADER is specifically designed to appeal to students from age 7 through 11 years old. During the Summer, we offer a Workshop Option that can be tailored for as few as four children. Workshops can be scheduled Monday through Friday, and typically last for two hours.

What Will a Typical campLEADer Workshop Look Like?

Each session of camp will last two hours. During that time, your young LEADer will be participating in team building activities, strengthen their interpersonal relations skills, and be encouraged to utilize their creativity with hands on learning opportunities.

Learning Disguised as Fun

Each session will be filled with a range of activities meant to keep your child busy and engaged throughout. Utilizing arts and crafts, themed activities, and a whole lot of fun, we will teach important life lessons while never forgetting that the most effective way to leave a lasting impression is to ensure that our campers have an amazing time!

Summer, All the Time

Your child will have so much fun at campLEADer that you will want Summer to last all year through. Click the button below to check out my blog, The campLEADer's Diary!